2017 Ballot information

APCDA is proud to present a slate of highly qualified candidates to fill the open positions for Officers for the 2017-2018 fiscal year which begins on October 1, 2017.  We are honored to have 2 excellent candidates for each open position, so please exercise your right to choose. The descriptions of the candidates are below.

Voting closes July 31, 2017.

  • Raza Abbas (Pakistan)
  • Carla Siojo (Philippines)

  • Jose Domene (Canada)
  • Gemma Williams (USA)

  • Momoko Asaka (Japan)
  • Miguelito Relente (Philippines)

Descriptions of Candidates


Raza Abbas

BioRaza Abbas is the pioneer of professional career counseling and career education in Pakistan. As an impactful social entrepreneur for more than a decade he has walked his talk: collaborating on 6 continents, currently serving on boards at premier global professional career associations such as: APCDA, ARACD, IAEVG, delivering keynotes, cross-cultural research, consulting, contribution in best-selling book “The World Book of Hope”, conceptualized and executed diverse projects on career development and inspired countless marginalized youth, teachers and employees to discover and strengthen their career passion nationally and globally. He earned the Outstanding Career Practitioner Award by APCDA in May, 2017.


Goals:  It is an honor to be nominated for President-Elect of APCDA. I strongly believe in team-work and will focus on collaborative humanistic centered leadership so we collectively take APCDA towards global excellence. The association has tremendous potential to grow and has excellent mix of seasoned and emerging career professionals.  My goals are:

  1. Increase APCDA country memberships and identify new emerging countries
  2. Engage Asian youth by initiating 1st APCDA Youth Think Tank enabling them to actively contribute to the association.
  3. Initiate 1st Asian Career Education Day- Amplify career advocacy in Asia
  4. Develop an APCDA social media team:  Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram for consistent social media updates
  5. Initiate 1st Asian Career Development Practitioner Exchange program - In which emerging career countries visit established Asian progressive career countries and contribute to their economy while established Asian progressive career countries visit emerging career countries for cross cultural research and practitioner collaboration.
  6. Establish a Global Corporate Career Development Advisory Board
  7. Collaborate with Asian corporate sector organizations and philanthropists to invest generously in APCDA Endowments to strengthen the association and profession at large.
  8. Identify and promote professional career development workshops/webinars facilitated by APCDA leadership and members for corporate sector employees as well as leading career development training institutes in Asia.
  9. Empower APCDA Country Directors to share best career practices via media- Advocacy
  10. Encourage travel grants for deserving and talented Asian career practitioners and researchers to attend APCDA conferences.

Carla Siojo

Bio: Carla S. Siojo has been the Director of the Office of Placement and Career Services at the Ateneo de Manila University for the past 6 years. She finished Bachelor of Arts Major in Psychology and Master of Arts Major in Pastoral Ministry: Family Ministry and Counseling both at the Ateneo de Manila University. She has been serving as the Country Director of the Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA) since 2014. She is involved with other professional organizations such the National Career Development Association (NCDA), Association of Placement Practitioners of Colleges and Universities (APPCU) in the Philippines, and the Career Development Association of the Philippines (CDAP).

Goals:  As President, my goal will be to uphold the mission and vision of the APCDA in providing an international forum for sharing of best practices, ideas and experiences in career development by strengthening cross-border cooperation and collaboration between and among member countries for continued professional development of career advocates and practitioners, taking into consideration this new era---the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Jose Domene

Bio:  José Domene is an immigrant to Canada, with Mexican and Chinese heritage. He is Professor and Canada Research Chair in School to Work Transition at the University of New Brunswick (UNB). At UNB, he also teaches and supervises graduate students in the Faculty of Education's Counselling program. Dr. Domene's previous experience in professional association leadership includes previously serving as the President of the Counsellor Educators Chapter of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (2014-2016), and currently serving as the Treasurer for the Counselling Psychology Section of the Canadian Psychological Association, as well as the APCDA’s Country Director for Canada.


Goals: Over the time that I have been involved with APCDA, I have seen the association establish itself as a force for promoting career development practice in Asia and the Pacific and a truly international venue where scholars and practitioners from across the region can collaborate and exchange ideas. If elected to the position of Treasurer, it would be my privilege to become involved in helping the association continue to grow in these ways, while maintaining a stable financial position. For example, I see good potential for the association to continue to grow by involving more nations from Western Asia / the MENA region, as well as Pacific island nations. I would also like to be involved in efforts to establish and promote the reputation of APCDA's new journal as an excellent venue for publishing cutting-edge research that is relevant to career practice in the Asia Pacific. I would also like to be involved in expanding and reinvigorating APCDA's year-long professional development opportunities (e.g., webinars) to reach out to a wider audience of practitioners, scholars, and students (and, as treasurer, I also see potential for this expansion/reinvigoration to result in greater revenue generation for the association).

Gemma Williams

Bio: Gemma A. Williams, Ed. D,  Professor/Counselor, was the Coordinator of the Maida Kamber Center for Career Exploration, Transfer, and Graduation Services at Kapi`olani Community College in Honolulu for over 12 years.  Her 30 years’ experience in education spans elementary and high school in Trinidad and Tobago, community colleges and university level in Massachusetts and Hawai’i.  Dr. Williams has a BA and MA in History, a CAGS in Counseling from Northeastern University, and a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Argosy University.  In 2008, she received certification as a Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor (GCDFI) and in 2016, the National Career Development Association Outstanding Career Practitioner Award.

Goals: Having worked for over 25 years with students from the Asia-Pacific regions, I am committed to the mission of APCDA and would like to see the continued fulfillment and expansion of their goal to share career development ideas and experience throughout the region.  As such, I would like to assist the organization by reviewing annual budgets and financial statements, collaborate with the executive team in recommending and/or approving unbudgeted expenditures, and assist in the overall planning and budgeting for the organization.

Some of the areas for possible expansion may include:

  1. Increase membership in current member countries and make an outreach to the Pacific regions such as, Palau, Saipan, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and other parts of      Micronesia and Polynesia.
  2. In addition to the Silent Auction, have a "Meet at the FUNraiser" activity at an interesting site in the country where the conference is held. Such activity can assist APCDA in increasing the awards for scholarships. Participants may sign-up when they register for the conference.
  3. Seek additional Lifetime and Legacy Partners Lifetime members from organizations that support the goals of APCDA.


Momoko Asaka

Bio:  Momoko Asaka is the CEO at Veriteworks Inc. and Japan Country Director of APCDA. She graduated in Arts in Library and Information Science from Keio University, Japan. Momoko is a JCDA Certified Career Development Adviser, a JPA Certified Psychologist, and a Mental Health Legal Adviser. She provides career and mental health counseling services mainly for employees of companies. Momoko has conducted over 5,000 counseling sessions in the last 10 years and been using “Peanuts” for the past 3 years in her counseling work.

Goals: During my tenure, I would like to see APCDA accomplish

  1. Growing this network through increased membership
  2. Increasing the number of member countries

Miguelito Relente

Bio: Coming from a family of educators, Miguelito Relente grew up in Manila City where he graduated college. He finished his degree and postgraduate studies at Philippine Normal University with additional credits from the same university and Far Eastern University. Miguelito is a Registered Guidance Counselor, Licensed Psychometrician and Professional Teacher.  He’s currently the PRO of the Career Development Association of the Philippines. Miguelito has passionately been working for the welfare and development of children, teens, and their families during his 25 years of counselling and conducting seminars, inspirational talks, and trainings as he tries to mold people’s futures for their family and nation.

Goals: By the end of my term, I would like APCDA to have at least 300 members. I would like APCDA to be a bigger group of people for the organization to accomplish more things and achieve its ends faster and successfully. I also want APCDA to be the leading Career Advocate and Developer in the Asia Pacific Region by the time my term ends and to unite the Asia Pacific Career Developers and Advocates so that the region’s members will work together and share the developing progress and make it accelerate faster to build a better future for these nations becoming one.

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