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Asia Pacific Career Development Journal

Asia Pacific Career Development Journal (APCDJ) is an international biannual scholarly journal dedicated to all career development and intervention related topics, such as career counseling, individual and organizational career development, work and leisure, career education, career coaching, and career management.

September 2018 is the target date for the first issue, which will be a Special Issue with articles from leading scholars in our field. Each scholar will model a different type of research, so we can refer other authors to those exemplary articles as illustrative of what we are looking for. Our goal is to be added to the APCAA Citation Index as soon as possible. However, it can take up to 10 years to be added to the APCAA Citation Index. By beginning with leading scholars, we are more likely to have our articles cited more quickly, so this may speed up the process.

Members will receive the journal free and we will not increase the membership fee. Non-members may subscribe for a $30 annual fee. Issues will be available free after one year. New Jersey City University has agreed to co-sponsor the APCDJ. They will provide copy editing, layout, and formatting.

It is our goal to include authors from as many countries as possible. We encourage both scholars and practitioners to submit articles containing research related to their practices. We ask our editors to adopt a mentoring approach which assists authors to get submissions ready for publication. Our goal is to build a reputation for working with authors and supporting their writing skills. The review process for a typical article could take 4 months and some take longer.

Authors, click here for guidelines on submitting articles.

Editors, click here for information about the Editorial Board.

APCDJ Submission Flowchart

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