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WIT GRIT FIT - Career Development through Gamification and the Career Design Canvas

  • 21 May 2021
  • 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM
  • Zoom


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WIT GRIT FIT - Career Development through Gamification and the Career Design Canvas

May 21/22, 2021

The WIT GRIT FIT framework by Avid Adventures synthesises decades of research and best practices in skills and career development, and distills them into an online game, a Career Design Canvas and other intuitive tools which have been used by government, businesses and schools. This workshop begins with the theoretical foundations of the WIT GRIT FIT framework and shows how it all comes together in the Career Design Canvas. Participants then get the opportunity to experience a facilitated, taster version of the game on their own mobile phones before being immersed in case studies on how the set of WIT GRIT FIT tools are helping students and working professionals in Singapore, Bangladesh and the USA.

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Fri May 21

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Joseph Tan is the CEO of Avid Adventures. He followed the footsteps of his entrepreneur parents and became a serial entrepreneur himself. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Mr. Tan steadily worked his way up in his family business to become the General Manager and, separately, also started a luxury watch business in Malaysia. These days, Mr. Tan is pursuing a different calling - to bring great career design tools to all who need them, wherever in the world they might be. Mr. Tan is working to build a community of career practitioners, policymakers and end users on

Jacintha Phua is a career nomad with an insatiable appetite for new challenges. She started off her career in investment banking client services and operations, which took her to Wall Street where she was managing 6-figure global projects. After 6 years in finance, she decided to leave her 9-to-5 job in pursuit of new landscapes. Since leaving New York, she has lived in Istanbul and is now based in China, and manages projects and products in remote teams for various startups. She now heads product development for GSC Technologies, an emerging tech startup, and manages technology, operations and product development for Avid Adventures. Ms. Phua led on the digitization of the Career Design Simulation and Career Design Canvas, which has been used in Singapore, USA and Bangladesh.

Magdalene Loh works in a Fortune 500 company as Head of Innovation by day, and designs Transformative Play career games by night. Having seen first-hand the best and worst of Industry 4.0, she combined practical industry experience with her expertise as a certified career construction practitioner to build out the Wit Grit Fit framework. This framework was then applied in the Career Design Simulation and the Career Design Canvas, making complex career theories accessible to students and working adults. Ms Loh has been conferred the SkillsFuture Fellowship, the highest skills award by the Singapore government, recognizing her for skills mastery and as a mentor to future talent.

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