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Call for Proposals

Embracing Lifelong Career Development

2022 Hybrid IAEVG/APCDA Conference
May 16 - 27, 2022
Lifelong Learning Institute

Printable instructions
Short "How to Apply" Video

APCDA invites you to share and showcase your professional expertise, research, or successful practices. In 2022, APCDA will focus on the process of career development throughout the lifespan. Whether you work with youth, adults or retirees, they are all developing skills to address career challenges.

We will have five breakout sessions this year, each with 6 virtual presentations.  

The deadline for proposals:  November 30, 2021

See the conference flyer for the schedule, registration fees, and other information.  For questions, contact

Official Conference Language: All presentations will be in English. No translation services will be provided.

Technology: All presentations will be Virtual.  The Conference will provide a Zoom channel for your presentation.  If you prefer to use different online presentation software, you may provide your own link to us, if your software allows your presentation to be viewed in China (anything based on Google is banned in China).  You may provide a pre-recorded video for a portion of the time, but we expect you to be available in person after the video ends to answer questions.

Handouts: Presenters are responsible for providing handouts and/or PowerPoint slides for the attendees. They will be pre-loaded into the conference software 2 weeks before the event so attendees have time to download them before the event. Your event will be recorded and provided to attendees following the event. Due to time zone issues, there may be many who choose to watch the video after the conference.

Program Selection Process: The APCDA Selection Team will begin reviewing proposals on December 1 and plans to notify applicants by mid-December.  All Proposals must be in English.  All who propose will be notified via email of acceptance or rejection of the proposal no later than Monday, December 21, 2021.

Submission Instructions: 

Submissions must be entered into this online survey form:

It is recommended that you compose your answers as a document using this printable version of the information required.  Then you can copy your answers from your document into the online survey form. Click here for a short video explaining the Proposal Submission process.

Proposals for Presentations Require the Following Information:

Warning:  Length limits will be enforced.  If you exceed the limits stated, we will truncate your submission.

  1. Title: (100 characters max) *
  2. Program Abstract: (650 characters max, for the conference program) *
  3. Detailed Description: (2500 characters max) *
  4. Presentation type (choose one of the following) *
    • Skill Builder: workshop that teaches skills to attendees (50 minutes)
    • Practice:  Description of techniques or processes that you use in your work (25 or 50 minutes)
    • Research: Brief summary of research you have conducted (25 minutes). See additional instructions below.
    • Posters: A visual summary of your research or technique which will be posted on the conference website, formatted to fit on a screen with no more than 3 pages of scrolling. If the final poster is in French, German, or Spanish, part of the presentation must summarize the topic in English. The proposals shall be of a high scientific level and/or reflect innovative practice.

  5. Setting (chose all that apply): *
    • K – 12:  Career development in kindergarten, primary school, high school, or technical school; ages 5 through 18.
    • College:  Career planning, development, or job placement in a college or university setting
    • Adults:  Career planning, development, job placement, or coaching with adults
    • Labor market:  Includes information about the labor market, workforce, or economic changes that effect career plans
    • Other – please specify
  6. Language of the Presentation (English, French, Spanish, or German)
  7. Presenter Contact Information:
    • Name in the Conference Program *
    • Name on the Presenter Certificate *
    • Email *
    • Job Title *
    • institution/organization *
    • Address
    • City, state, postal code
    • Country/region
    • Phone
    • Bio *: a short description of the presenter's professional history, 100 words or less
    • Photo *

Provide the same information for each presenter.  The online form provides space for 3 presenters, but you can add more by sending the information by email to

We will publish a photo of each presenter. Please email a photo of each presenter to The subject of the email should include the title of your presentation. The photo file name should be the name of the presenter. We accept .JPG and .PNG photo file formats.

8.  Certification of attendance: *

When I click "Done", I agree to these 4 points:

  • I understand that I, and all other presenters, must register for the Asia Pacific Career Development Association and pay the appropriate conference fee(s) by Friday, April 16, 2022.
  • I commit to present the topic which I have submitted.
  • Should my content include resources which are available for sale, I understand I cannot sell items during a presentation and only by the purchase of an exhibitor table am I entitled to sell resources.
  • I understand and adhere to all of the above and should I not adhere to any portion of this statement APCDA has the right to cancel my program immediately.

Additional Documentation for Research or Poster Proposals:

  • If you wish to submit a longer description of your research, in addition to the proposal submitted in Survey Monkey, you may submit a Word file (*.doc, *.docx) Times New Roman, font, 12 points, line spacing 1.5 lines, paragraphs spaced by followed line, justified text. Do not use indents on the first line. A4 size.
  • The name of the file will be the Family name and the Given name of the first author. Example: FamilyName_GivenName_P1.doc(x).  If there is a second proposal by the same author, it should be named FamilyName_GivenName_P2.doc(x).
  • The maximum number of characters allowed in file names is 35 characters.
  • The name of the file must be written using Latin characters without accents or other letters with diacritical marks, and without spaces. Please replace accented/marked letters with the most similar Latin character.
  • The additional documentation should consist of a title, introduction and objectives, theoretical basis, methodology, results, conclusions and bibliographical references (4 references in APA format )
  • Total length of the proposal should be 2 to 5 pages, including tables, graphs, bibliographical references and attachments.
  • No footers or headers.
  • Tables and notes should be placed at the end of the text and before the bibliographic references.

Send this file to: by the proposal deadline: November 30, 2021

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