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2018 APCDA Conference

Professor Hong Li is a social scientist who focuses on decision-making and emotions.  She has read Taoist philosophy for the past 20 years and struggled to relate it to her scientific training. Empirical research assumes that it is objectively possible to identify a best decision.  In contrast, Taoist philosophy views the world as an ever-changing dialectic where both sides are equally valuable.  According to Taoist philosophy, an objective best cannot exist.  To scientifically find out which position better describes reality, Dr. Li has conducted a number of studies using decision-makers who believe in an objective best and try to maximize their decisions.  She has learned that they  inevitably become disappointed and discouraged. This is called the maximization paradox.  By using the scientific method to compare some widely held assumptions to tenets of Taoist philosophy, Dr. Li has found some fascinating answers which have direct application to career decision-making and counseling.

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May 15-19, 2018 APCDA Conference, Tsinghua University and New Elite Development Program, Beijing, China
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Oct 2-4, 2018 IAEVG International Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden
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