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Blending Psychological Type and the Ancient Wisdom of the I Ching to Form a Universal Career Assessment Model

By Brian Schwartz 

Monday, March 11/Tuesday, March 12

Psychological type has become one of the major underlying systems in career assessment worldwide. What is far less known is that Dr. Carl Jung was inspired to write Psychological Types (1921) after reading the Richard Wilhelm translation of the i Ching or Chinese Book of Changes. The oldest book in the world gave Dr. Jung the portal through which he then not only developed the basis for modern type theory but for his concepts of synchronicity, the collective unconscious, the “shadow” aspect of personality and the archetypes. Using the structure of the “bagua” or octagon from the i Ching, I have developed a framework for understanding the destiny (not fate) embedded in the 16 mindsets of type theory and their relationship to impassioned skills, values, career selection and intrinsic motivation.  Drawing from the Laws of Attraction or Opposites and of Cycles or Periodicity, the elegance of the i Ching’s depth about Man’s relationship to Nature is explored and applied to modern day work and life situations.

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Monday, Mar 11

Asia & Pacific

Tuesday, Mar 12

North America East Coast

10-11:30 PM*

New Zealand

3 - 4:30 PM  *

North America Central

9 -10:30 PM*

South East Australia

1:00 – 2:30 PM *

North America Mountain

8 -9:30 PM*

South Central Australia

12:30 – 2:00  *

North America Pacific

7- 8:30 PM*

Guam, North East Australia

12– 1:30 PM


3 – 4:30 PM

Korea, Japan

11 AM - 12:30 PM

China, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Western Australia

10 -11:30 AM

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia

9 - 10:30 AM

Bangladesh, Kazakhstan

8 – 9:30 AM


7:30 – 9 AM


7 – 8:30 AM


6 – 7:30 AM

* We believe this region is observing Daylight Savings Time.

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Dr. Brian Schwartz is an American psychologist. After 34 years of career management consulting and 30 years of organization development consulting, Dr Schwartz moved from the USA to China. He was on a mission to bring career assessment to young people and to train career and life design as well as talent development professionals in China as well as other countries/regions within the Asia Pacific area. He developed his online career assessment and personal branding software, CareerDNA, and has developed, with partners, the Accredited Career and Talent Development Professionals program, the CareerDNA Leaders Certification Program and is a frequently invited speaker/lecturer in China and the Philippines.

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