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APCDA connects career development professionals who work in or are interested in the Asia Pacific region and provides a global forum for sharing career development ideas, research, and techniques that are effective in the Asia Pacific region. To learn more about APCDA, click "About APCDA."  To donate, click "Support APCDA."

2022 APCDA/IAEVG Conference Recap

This word cloud was created by Mentimeter from responses to the question Riz Ibrahim asked, "What is the change you want to see now?" Notes from that presentation are now attached to that presentation on the conference website. (Attachments are under the photo of the presenter.)

This conference provided some eye-opening ideas, especially related to the job search process.  We learned about the revolution in job search techniques caused by technology and ways to use Career Construction Theory to ace an AI interview, in addition to Workforce Singapore’s revolutionary use of the CHI factor to assess employability, an exciting new concept based on a lot of research and Career Construction Theory.  We also discovered new ways to help candidates present themselves to employers.  Many other presentations at the conference emphasized the need for lifelong learning and reassessment of career goals.  Both technological changes and changes caused by the pandemic have increased the urgency of learning new skills and reassessing the role of work in our lives.

This year’s conference is easy to compare with last year’s because both were virtual, held in the Singapore time zone, and used the same software platform.  As a joint conference this year with APCDA and IAEVG, we expected attendance to double, but it increased in size by only 30%.  This year 42 countries were represented (a 62% increase over last year) and the countries were bests represented were Singapore, Japan, and Canada.  Attendees made more use of the conference platform this year, with the rate of participation increasing by over 100% on most measures. However, some features of the software were hardly used, such as the Lounge.  A total of 243 people participated in the new Structured Networking Discussions, so these sessions may have been more useful than the lounge for networking.  Musical Breaks were popular, with 764 listens.  The Evaluation Survey was hard to use and no one found the Overall Evaluation.  But it’s not too late!  Evaluate the conference here:  Your opinions are much more valuable than the “analytics” data, so, please complete this evaluation if you attended.

The two weeks were quite different.  The first week offered 4 options during each time slot while the second week offered one Plenary session at each time slot.  The option to choose sessions appeared to be more attractive, with about 40% more attendees the first week than the second.  It seems that our Keynote Speakers were not as popular with our audience this year, although the variety of topics was much greater, thanks to IAEVG.  For example, both APCDA and IAEVG held Awards Ceremonies.  While APCDA recognized career practitioners in our region who had remarkable accomplishments or made special contributions to APCDA in the past year, IAEVG recognized 4 groups of researchers who had used interesting research designs and/or addressed very important topics.  IAEVG also sponsored several panels that reviewed career services around the world, providing a fascinating comparison of cultural focus and strengths.

Excluding the opening activities, the Top Ten most popular sessions  were:

  1. 113 Four-Step Career Development Model for Working with Clients with Disabilities
  2. 213 Career Activities to Engage Clients (and help them learn!)
  3. 311 Paradigm Shift in Job Search
  4. 111 Why and How Purpose Comes Before Career
  5. 511 Professionalizing Career Services Delivery in Singapore and a Data-Driven Approach to Service Design
  6. 122 Making Career Choices is Hard; Mindfulness Makes it Easier.
  7. 112 Ethical Practice in the Gig Economy
  8. 161 Sustainability and Career Development: Implications for Career Practitioners
  9. 121 Metrics Matter When Building a Sustainable Career Development Sector
  10. 223 The Career Mapping Project: The Missing Link in Education Planning

Please remember that the recorded conference presentations will be available for viewing until the end of August.  During June, we will continue to use the Hubilo conference platform.  In July and August, the sessions will be available to registered attendees on the APCDA website.  Continuing Education Hours Certification will be available soon.  Analysis of data on attendance is still in progress, but watch for an email documenting sessions attended and offering certification to those who wish to have it.

Dates to Remember

June 27-29, 2022 NCDA Conference, Anaheim, USA
May 17-26, 2023 APCDA Conference, Kazakhstan (Hybrid)

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