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Welcome to the Asia Pacific Career Development Association

APCDA connects career development professionals who work in or are interested in the Asia Pacific region and provides a global forum for sharing career development ideas, research, and techniques that are effective in the Asia Pacific region. To learn more about APCDA, click "About APCDA."  To donate, click "Support APCDA."

The Job Search in Focus

Our Keynote speaker, Ms. Elisabeth Sanders-Park, is a celebrated author, speaker, and thought leader. She used her thought-leaders skills when the pandemic hit and immediately retooled as an online presenter.  She generously offered APCDA free training in effective online training.  Her broad knowledge of the practical side of the job search and brilliant thinking on that issue has helped thousands of career practitioners to equip and inspire their clients and find work they love. 

Her keynote, “Thinking Like an Employer to Help Your Clients Succeed,” will help us to provide new insights to our job seeking clients.  Many of us haven't been in the shoes of the 'hiring employer' in a while... or ever! To truly help our job-seeking clients, we must be able to think like an employer and understand the hiring process from their perspective. This session teaches a powerful, proven, simple and reliable way to consistently think like an employer... and teach your clients to do the same! It will be fun and practical, and what you learn will benefit your work for decades to come!

On May 27, she will offer a virtual 3-hour workshop called “5 Keys to Helping People Start Careers.” If you work with people who are entering or re-entering the labor market, this interactive session will allow you to:

  • use a simple, powerful, 5-step system to assess what a client needs now
  • uncover an individual's personal motivation and tie it to employment
  • cast a compelling career vision and determine where they can get on the path today
  • discover proof of qualifications from non-employment and non-traditional sources
  • identify what can get an individual screened out so they can overcome it
  • consider 4 things to craft individualized job search strategies so they land a job fast

Visit our 2022 Conference page for more details.  

Dates to Remember

Oct 19-21, 2021 IAEVG Conference, Rigga, Latvia
Jan 24-26, & Feb 4, 2022 Cannexus22 Conference, Ottawa, Canada
May 16-27, 2022 APCDA Conference, Singapore
May, 2023 APCDA Conference, Kazakhstan

APCD Journal

Asia Pacific Career Development Journal (APCDJ) is an international biannual scholarly journal dedicated to all career development and intervention related topics. The Journal also has a monthly Podcast that includes interviews with experts in our field.

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