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China Country/Regional Information

China Country Director:
Leili Jin
Vocational Psychologist
Tsinghua University

Please also see regional information for Macau and Taiwan.

Meet APCDA Lifetime Member - Elisabeth P. Montgomery, Ph.D.

Dr. Elisabeth P. Montgomery is a renowned Educational Innovator in Shenzhen, China and one of three Designers of YuCai High School, International Department, ( For nearly two decades Dr. Montgomery has lived and worked in Shenzhen, China, just over the mainland border with Hong Kong. Her current position is Senior Advisor on Internationalization for the Nanshan District Education Bureau, public school Inspector, and Foreign Vice Principal at the South China University of Science and Technology (SUSTECH) Education Group in Shenzhen. She also is International advisor in China and Latin America.

Dr. Montgomery's SPECIALIZATIONS include:

  • Supervision & Training of Career Service Providers
  • Foreign Career Placement Services
  • International Collaboration
  • Job Development Skills - Internships, Job Shadowing & Targeted Industry Training
  • Early Career Awareness (Children), Exploration (Teens) and Development
  • Youth and Adult Social Entrepreneurship
  • Career Theories, Creativity & Cultural Innovation

Dr. Montgomery's APCDA Lifetime Membership is based on her desire to fully develop the indigenous career and innovation theories with practical applications in China with a focus on businesses, teachers, students, and parents (grade 1 through 12). For Montgomery, happenstance or career opportunity and the foundation of relationships can create a "happy accident" known in China as the cause and effect or yuan fen. Yuen Fen, as a career concept developed by Dr. Jin Shu Ren among many other colleagues in Asia, recently had a profound influence on Dr. Montgomery.

APCDA 2019 Conference Presentation:
Designing for Change in Shenzhen's Nanshan: Parents Take the Lead on Career Exploration in Chinese Elementary Schools. Parents, Teachers, and Students Working Towards A Prolific Industry 4.0 Model

Dr. Montgomery is the first foreigner to hold high-level public-school district posts and positions in China. Currently she is charged with training one thousand English teachers in the Great Books Shared Inquiry methodology to increase higher order thinking and activities in the language classrooms. To develop "teachers as leaders" she established a progressive annual Dragon & Eagle Dialogues - a day of relevant conversations between local Chinese and international school students grade 1-12, which teachers lead as part of their Great Books practicum.

For six years, Dr. Montgomery served as the first foreign Principal in China running an experimental Great Books/Shared Inquiry Academy founded as an international department within a Chinese public school. Montgomery and her team also designed high school career practices and techniques including job shadowing programs and job internships for Chinese students before college placement in international universities. She also developed the first Nanshan grades 1-12 career education curricula in the Nanshan school district and has since trained the public-school career counselors and teachers.

Additionally, in 1999 and the early 2000s, Dr. Montgomery conducted cross-cultural training classes for Chinese government officials at Shenzhen Manager Training College for business and education leaders headed to America to study our professional customs and philosophies in universities. In 2009, one of Montgomery's former students, Liu Gen Ping, became the Director of the Shenzhen Yucai Education Group. Liu later became head of the Nanshan Education Bureau and requested Montgomery's assistance to change the classroom stance of teachers from teacher centered to a student-oriented environment.

Building on Past Experiences - Career Counseling through Job Creation
Prior to arriving in Shenzhen, Dr. Montgomery had worked for 18 years in the field of youth employment, career counseling, and social entrepreneurship. Her essential work in careers and job creation started at Jane Addams Center (JAC) Hull House in Chicago. While at JAC, Dr. Montgomery established not only youth employment services but also enterprise development programs based on social entrepreneurship; she put disenfranchised young people, including serious youth offenders, to work.

Social Entrepreneurship: JAC's Youth Department did more than offer jobs. They set up a non-profit business incubator, the Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC), as an umbrella for their for-profit companies. The JARC used targeted industry training programs to supply local hospitals, mechanics and tool-and-die manufacturers with qualified workers.


  • Ph.D., Human Organizational Systems - Fielding Graduate University, 2006
  • M.A., Human Organizational Development - Fielding Graduate University, 2003
  • M.A., Human Services Management and Business - DePaul University, 1985
  • B.A., American Studies and Spanish - Kent State University, 1977

Publications: Wang, Y. and R. Prem (2010) Thirty Years of China's Economic Reform, Chapter Four: Contemporary Entrepreneurs in South China - A discussion of their individual values. R. Littrell and E. P. Montgomery, Nova Science Publishers.

Associations: Systems Dynamics Society, The Long Now Foundation, Roots & Shoots International (Jane Goodall), NCDA and APCDA.

Awards: In addition to numerous local and district awards for education and training. Dr. Montgomery is the recipient of the . . .

  • Honorary Nanshan District Elite Manager Award
  • Elisabeth Montgomery Primary School Career Day Award (annual November event)
  • Shenzhen Peacock Award

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China's 3rd Career Conference

New Elite Development Plan (NEDP) hosted the 3rd China Career Conference in Beijing on June 12th, 2015. Sponsors included the China Career Development Association (CCDA) and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China (MOHRSS). The annual China Career Development Conference became a great event in the career development field of China.

The theme for this year's conference was "The Transformation of Career: Challenges and Opportunities." Thirty four guest speakers were invited to share their ideas on the theme, including the current president of CCDA, Mr. Gu Dian. Professor Ryan Duffy from the Department of Psychology at the University of Florida also presented a speech titled "Help Others, Help Yourself: How to achieve happiness in the evolving world," which was a big success. In the afternoon, the conference program involved discussion forums across the 3 themes of: (i) the University, (ii) the High School, (iii) the Industry/Enterprise. There were more than 4 speakers leading a forum for each of the themes. Later in the afternoon, there was an "Open House" which facilitated an exciting exchange of ideas between 15 advisers and attendees through open discussions. In total, over 500 people attended the conference.

Here are some links to the media report about the 2015 conference:

Open House

Conference Hall

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PAC Trains Career Development Advisors for China By Ivy Liao

There are many companies providing training for career development advisors in China. One of these is the PAC Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd ( PAC stands for People Achievement Consulting. PAC reported on its program at the NCDA Conference in Denver. For 22 years, PAC has been providing assessments for doctors in Taiwan and China. It currently offers 10 assessments in the areas of interests, character, abilities, and adaptation. Since 2008, it has also offered computerized assessments and information systems. PAC takes pride in the quality of the training it provides in the use and interpretation of these assessments, It also offers career planning camps for high school students and their parents where the youth plan their careers, with a follow-up "parents club" that meets monthly after the camp ends.

PAC Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd also offers a complete training program based on the NCDA Career Development Facilitator curriculum (which has been localized for China). In cooperation with several government agencies in China, PAC provides training and has developed an online training management system to allow independent master trainers to evaluate the learning of students and award certification to qualified Career Development Advisors. These evaluations are conducted anonymously to assure that strict standards are maintained. This system for managing the certification of Career Development Advisors impressed the NCDA attendees, as well as the training quality standards described by PAC.

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China's 2nd Career Conference by Hanchao Hou, translated by Jessie Niu

The 2nd China Career Development Conference was held from October 16-19, 2014 in Beijing, and it was a great success. This conference was sponsored by the Occupation magazine (Human Resources and Social Security Department) and China Career Development Association (CCDA), and solely hosted by Beijing New Elite Development Plan (NEDP). The theme of this conference was "Application and Innovation of Career Development." A total of 30 presenters were invited, and over 500 people attended the conference.

The following are some of the photos from the conference.

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China Career Development Association

China Career Development Association (CCDA) is an industry association of career development, which is composed of career development experts, academics, industry professionals in China. CCDA is a non-profit professional society approved by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. The current president of CCDA is Mr. Dian Gu.

The mission and vision of CCDA is to:

  1. Promote the career development of individuals through the life-span;
  2. Seek a win-win situation among the industry of education, training, assessment, recruitment and related industries;
  3. Facilitate Chinese to live a happy, flourishing, balance and success life and be themselves.

CCDA provides the latest news, articles, online classes, offline activities, an annual Career Development Conference, and a platform for professional growth. CCDA held an annual conference for the last two years. They were the biggest career development conferences in China. On average there were nearly 500 people attending each conference. At the 1st conference, we invited the delegate from JCDA (Japan Career Development Association). Because it is well accepted by the public, we plan to hold a conference once a year.

CCDA collaborates with New Elite Development Plan (NEDP), a career development education company, to train Career Development Specialists in China. When training is completed, the specialist can apply for membership in CCDA. CCDA and NEDP have trained more than 2000 Career Development Specialists in China and most of them have joined CCDA. Because China is now experiencing rapid social and economic changes, there is increasing need for career development education in China.

CCDA intends to promote the career development industry in China by constructing a platform for Chinese career development professionals to communicate with each other. We also would like to provide a platform for Chinese career development professionals to communicate with people in other countries/regions through collaboration with APCDA.

To learn more about CCDA, visit our website at:

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