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Potential Member Meetup

Thu Feb 10/Fri Feb 11, 2022

Please join this small group discussion to learn more about APCDA and meet other potential members.

Free Member Mentoring Webinar

Using Holland Typology to Quickly Assess Career Personality

Dr. Gary Gottfredson and Dr. ZiYoung Kang
Mon Mar 7/Tue Mar 8

The Holland Typology (also called RAISEC) will be explained and demonstrated by well-know experts on this topic.

Register here

2021 Conference Presentations

Did you miss some or all of the 2021 APCDA Conference? We asked presenters who were highly rated if we could share their presentations on our Recorded Webinars page.  All of these presentations were rated highly by those who attended them.  Because they are all shorter than a normal webinar, they have been grouped into sets of presentations about similar topics. Find these recorded presentations on the Free/Reduced Price Webinars page and enjoy watching the ones you missed.

These recordings do not include the keynotes. Keynoters make a living by charging for their presentations.  The ones listed below are free to members, and we are grateful to these presenters for their generosity.

Find them here.

Research Presentations

  • Advocacy strategies for serving international students in the US: A participatory action research by Ms. Yangyang Liu and Ms. Hongshan Shao
  • Impacts of Careers Services on Graduate Employability of University Students in Vietnam by Ms. My Vu
  • Vocational Identity and Civic Engagement of University Students in Korea by Ms. Yoonhee Lee
  • Meaning of Life and Career Design for Chinese Middle-aged Female Educators by Dr. Hsiu-Lan (Shelley) Tien

Career Construction Theory and Life Design

  • Life Design: A 21st c. Paradigm for Career Development by Ms. Julie Neill
  • Building Resilience & Adaptability using Role Models. A brief 15-minute Strengths Based Intervention by Dr. Kevin Glavin, Mr. Gerald Tan, and Mr. Jeremiah Wong
  • Top 10 Tips for Conducting the Career Construction Interview by Dr. Kevin Glavin
  • Introducing and localizing CCI in Japan by Ms. Nobuko Hasegawa and Dr. Shujiro Mizuno

Global Wellness

  • Global Nomads Working Abroad and Coming Home: How Career Development Professionals Can Help by Satomi Chudasama, Soonhoon Ahn, Roberta Borgen, and Caressa Hanh Truong
  • Building Cultural Competency: Resources for Supporting Diverse Clients on Uncharted Paths by Dr. Roberta Borgen, Farheen Hassany, and Cassie Taylor
  • Career Creation in the New Normal Era and Support as a Career Counselor by Ms. Momoko Asaka

Timeless Tools

  • Principals of Group Career Counseling by K. Richard Pyle
  • APCDA Career Service Competencies: Supporting Quality Practice by Dr. Susan Mate and Dr. Catherine Hughes

Career Development for Adults

  • Navigating Through Unprecedented Challenges Towards Career Aspiration by Mr. Maurice Ng
  • Discovering your Passion through Career Exploration Journey by Ms. Parameswari Seenivasan

Career Development from Elementary School to University

  • Social Emotional Learning and Career Development from Kindergarten to Higher Education by Dr. Andrew Culbertson and Dr. Candy Ho
  • Blastoff! Launching College Placements in Chinese High Schools by Mr. Xiao (Shawn) Lianyu and Dr. Elisabeth Montgomery
  • Class of 2020 - Building Resilience and Hope in Student Interns in the COVID-19 era by Mr. Eric Asato, Ms. Felicity Brown, and Ms. Hanh Tran

APCDA Glossary of Career Development Terminology, Version 2

January, 2022
By the Glossary Taskforce

APCDA is proud to announce the release of Version 2 of the English version of our Glossary of Career Development Terminology containing over 100 terms.  This is the product of years of work by a very dedicated group of career practitioners.  The names and bios for the team are at the front of the document. The Ethics and Standards Committee, which is chaired by Dr. Vandana Gambhir Chopra (, is responsible for the Glossary (in addition to ethics and standards).

We have translations of Version 1 into several languages.  We would love to have more languages, and updates from Version 1 to Version 2.  If you are interested in translating the glossary into another language, please contact

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