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News Committee

Call for Articles

June - August Theme:

Career Practices and Techniques

Write a 600-900 word article about Career Practices and Techniques to be published in the Asia Pacific Career Developments news blog. Any age or stage of career development or career service context is appropriate. Describe your setting, then share the technique you use to make career development more effective for your clients. Our News Committee, Dr. Catherine Hughes, Momoko Asaka, and Carla Siojo are eager to hear about the article you intend to write. Write to us about your ideas or plans at

Articles about this topic will be published from June through August. We would prefer to receive either the article or information about the topic you intend to write about by May 17. More information can be found on the About News page or our website.

Call for Nominations

The open positions this year include:

Click on the position to see the Job Description.  The President-Elect agrees to a 3-year commitment, serving one year in that position, then becoming President, then becoming Past President.  The Secretary is a two-year term which can be renewed once.

Please consider serving APCDA in one of these roles. To nominate yourself or someone else, please send an email to

APCDA Meet-up
for Non-Members

Sunday April 25/Monday 26, 2021

The session will be informal and we encourage you to share your interests/needs for professional development and networking in the field of career services.

Register here

Invitation to the Awards Ceremony and Member Meeting

Free to all!

The opening event of the 2021 APCDA Conference is the Awards Ceremony.  We are very excited about the slate of wonderful awardees.  I know you will want to be there to honor these very special people who have worked so hard to improve career planning locally and internationally.  We will also welcome our 24 scholars!!!  Please come and meet them so you can chat with them during the rest of the conference. (We could afford 24 this year because of the generosity of so many members and because the virtual conference registration was less expensive.)

Following the 30-minute Awards Ceremony, we will hold our annual Member Meeting.  While it is important for all members to be present at this annual meeting, we hope others will join us, too. It begins with introductions of our leaders, followed by the new Year in Review Video.  Of course, there is a bit of business – approving the minutes from last year, the Treasurer’s report, and the Call for Nominations by Past President Woongtae Kim.  Then we will use Breakout Rooms to discuss our values and how they related to APCDA.  APCDA needs your ideas and feedback to improve its offerings for the coming year.

Those who have already registered for the conference need only show up.  Those not attending the conference should register here.  We will send you a reminder and a link to the event 24 hours before it starts and 1 hour before it starts.  If you live in North America, this event is on the evening of May 18.  If you live in Asia or the Pacific, this event is on May 19.  Click here to find a schedule for your time Zone.

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