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Member Community Scavenger Hunt

The purpose of this contest is to increase awareness of the new Member Community, to get people familiar with how things work in the community, and, of course, to have fun. 

You must be an APCDA member to participate, and you can only enter one time per week/contest. Upon completion of each weekly contest, successful participants will be entered into a drawing, and 3 winners will be selected at random each week. Winners will be notified via email within five business days of the conclusion of each weekly contest. Each winner will receive a Free Webinar Voucher.

The contest starts when you receive the weekly News Blog for Sunday October 2 and runs through Sunday October 30. Each weekly contest will begin when the weekly News Blog arrives in your inbox and run for 7 days. If you have not used the Member Community before, also look for an invitation in your inbox.  Watch the Weekly News for the week’s contest details or set your Member Community profile Notifications to receive email notifications from the Everyone Group.

The final contest in the week of October 23 involves registering for a Grand Finale Event that will be held on October 27/28. The event will feature a quick illustrative review of each of the steps in the contest process, followed by a discussion about the contest and Member Community facilitated by Patrick at Tradewing, the company that built APCDA’s platform.

Need help navigating the Member Community? Check out the resources available here.

Advanced Training in Career Construction Theory

a Professional Development Institute on Nov 17/18, 2022

In 2021, those of us fortunate enough to attend the Professional Development Institute learned from Dr. Mark Savickas about the power of Career Construction Theory to help clients discover personal motivating beliefs and values. Those of us who tried to use this process based on that PDI may have realized that it takes a great depth of skill to achieve the goal. With careful training in the use of this process, we can help clients to experience the feeling of true recognition and enlightenment.

Unfortunately, when this process is used quickly following a formula, the client is not impressed, nor does the client feel truly understood. The difference between a full understanding of the process and a shallow understanding is the difference between a very meaningful tool and a useless tool. Imagine a person learning to make shoes. The early pairs may not fit very well and they may not look very good. They may hurt the client’s feet, or the client may feel silly wearing them. It takes skill to make shoes that truly fit and feel good to the client. Unfortunately, we all have to experience the beginner stage. The only way to become good at making shoes is to practice, and to learn from a master how to craft them so they fit comfortably and feel good to wear.

Dr. Mark Savickas worked for years on developing a unique process for drawing this information out of clients.  He has developed six questions that encourage the client to tell us who they really are.  When we are able to appreciate the subtleties in the responses of the client and feed the information back to the client in the client’s own words, most clients are amazed that another person has understood them so deeply and recognized their inner motivations better than they, themselves, do. 

On November 17/18, we are honored to have Dr. Mark Savickas back with us to help us practice using his theory.  He will supply a video of a client, and we will break into small groups and apply this process to what the client has told us about himself.  In clinical terms, this is called a Case Conference.  Those who have had a clinical training will recognize that this is the best way to improve our skills in working with clients.  Whether you are a beginner with the Career Construction Theory or have some knowledge of the theory and have practiced with it before, this process will help you to improve your skills because you will be able to learn from the master.  Your skills in using this process are guaranteed to improve through this Case Conference. 

This 3-hour workshop will allow us time to experience the client interview process and take notes on how the client answers the six questions.  Then we will spend time in breakout groups completing the Counselor Worksheet.  Finally, we will see what Dr. Savickas said to the client, and how the client responded.  Then we can ask questions to clarify our understanding of the process.  Register today for this very special Professional Development institute.  Click here for a Printable flyer.

APCDA Glossary of Career Development Terminology, Version 3

May, 2022
By the Glossary Taskforce

APCDA is proud to announce the release of Version 3 of the English version of our Glossary of Career Development Terminology containing 178 terms.  This is the product of years of work by a very dedicated career practitioners.  The names and bios for the team are at the front of the document. The Ethics and Standards Committee, which is chaired by Dr. Vandana Gambhir Chopra (, is responsible for the Glossary (in addition to ethics and standards).

We have translations of Version 1 into Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Malay, and Vietnamese.  We would love to have more languages, and updates from Version 1 to Version 3.  If you are interested in translating the glossary into another language, please contact

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