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Free Events at the Conference

The Awards Ceremony and Warm-up Days events are free to all.  But you must register to access the Conference Website.

Free events include:

Please register for the Awards Ceremony to attend any of these events. 

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General Information

All of the details about the 2021 APCDA Conference can be found in the Conference Program. The Conference begins May 19 and ends May 29.  The presentations are schedule for no more than 3 hours each day, with most presentations schedule May 25-29.  This Virtual conference is designed to fit into your life, and still leave time for the rest of your normal activities.

Conference Structure

  • Opening Day:  Wednesday, May 19: Awards Ceremony and Member Meeting, followed by a Conference Website Tour.
  • Warm-up Days: Each day there are variety of meetings scheduled, including three opportunities to participate in Conversations Matter, special product presentations for Kuder and AVID Adventures, committee meetings, country/regional meetings, and conference website tours.
  • Full Conference Days: May 25, 27, and 29:  Presentations are scheduled for 3 hours each day.
  • Professional Development Institute (PDI) Days: May 26 and May 28: The interactive 3-hour workshops allow you to dig into a topic and really learn it.  These PDIs are full, so no new registrations are allowed now.
  • Recorded Presentations Days: May 30 to June 29:  All of these presentations given during the conference will be recorded.  You have one month to use the conference website to view the presentations you missed.

What makes a conference special?  Great content is very important - so we chose important leaders in our field to provide keynotes, and scheduled breakout sessions with the most interesting and valuable topics select by a team of career practitioners just like you. 

You also want to meet people who will be useful for your career advancement.  We selected special software for this event that recognizes the many ways people meet online.  Our conference software, by Hubilo, offers many features to help you connect to others.

Special Website Features

  • Welcome Tour:  The page where you arrive is called Reception.  On the top right is a Welcome Tour that will introduce you to the website.  If you have time to take a scheduled tour from one of the staff, you will learn a lot more about the website, but this tour is available whenever you need it to help you find your way around the website.
  • Event Feed: Just like Facebook, you can post photos or ideas.  You can ask people who are interested in a specific topic to contact you and add a button that says "I'm interested" which lets others tell you they want to talk to you about that topic.
  • Attendees: We ask you to add your photo when you first enter and select your interests, work setting, and the services you offer. Hubilo will suggest people for you to connect with based on your answers. It allows you to "chat" (send a text message) to any other attendee or "meet" (request a 20 minute time to meet) with any other attendee.  Chat and Meetings are handled by the software - so your meeting will be online or on your phone, using your camera and the other person's camera to let you see the person you are talking to.  Each person can schedule up to 60 meetings.
  • Sponsors: You can read about and watch videos about the products offered by our sponsors and connect with them using Chat or Meet.
  • Lounge: Grab a virtual chair at a virtual table and you will join a virtual meeting with anyone else sitting at the table.  Speakers, Sponsors, and Presenters have assigned tables.  Specific topics have been assigned to tables.  There are also open tables where you can causally meet others who want to talk.  The Lounge is open from 9AM until 3PM Singapore time zone, and we encourage you to use it during the scheduled breaks.

All of these features are available at the conference website:  This website can be used on a screen of any size, but is easier to read on a tablet or computer screen. If you have registered, you can log in any time.  If you experience any problems, email


In addition to adding an element of fun to the conference, contests are a great way to meet other attendees. We believe these contests will make the conference a better learning experience.  You can participate by entering good secrets about yourself or by voting on the entries you like best.
  • The Program Contest is designed to make you an expert on the content of the presentations as describe in the Conference Program Book, so you can use your time effectively and get the most information from the conference.
  • The Conference Attire Photo Contest is designed to allow you to express yourself visually by posting a photo that reveals some interesting information about yourself (like your national costume, your family, or your pets).
  • The Fun Facts Contest is designed to help you meet other attendees by serving as an icebreaker.  Your Fun Fact could be about your own career experience, or about a local career service, APCDA, or about your country – any fact that you would like to share with others. Photos are also encouraged.
  • Some of us love to travel and are missing that aspect of the APCDA Conference. Several members have created Virtual Tours of their community or career services to fill the desire for travel. Find these tours under the Sponsors icon, in the "Virtual Tours" booth.  Then complete the poll to tell us which tour is your favorite Virtual Tour.  These tours will be available for you to watch any time through June 29, but the winner will be announced on May 29, so vote early to help choose the winner.
  • The Favorite Music Contest is designed to allow others to learn more about you through music.  The music will be played at the short Recap session at the end of the first and second full conference days.
  • Social Media Contest: Post comments about your experiences at the conference on any of the 4 APCDA Social Media groups.  Use #2021APCDA in the post.

Contest Winners will be announced at the Closing Session on May 29.

Time Zone Schedules

Time zone schedules have been updated to include all conference events.  Get a schedule for your time zone here.

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Invitation to the Awards Ceremony and Member Meeting

Free to All!

The opening event of the 2021 APCDA Conference is the Awards Ceremony.  We are very excited about the slate of wonderful awardees.  I know you will want to be there to honor these very special people who have worked so hard to improve career planning locally and internationally.  We will also welcome our 24 scholars!!!  Please come and meet them so you can chat with them during the rest of the conference. (We could afford 24 this year because of the generosity of so many members and because the virtual conference registration was less expensive.)

Following the 30-minute Awards Ceremony, we will hold our annual Member Meeting.  This is a very important meeting for all members, but we hope others will join us, too. It begins with introductions of our leaders, followed by the new Year in Review Video.  Of course, there is a bit of business – approving the minutes from last year, the Treasurer’s report, and the Call for Nominations by Past President Woongtae Kim.  Then we will use Breakout Rooms to discuss our values and how they related to APCDA.  APCDA needs your ideas and feedback to improve its offerings for the coming year.

Those who have already registered for the conference need only show up.  Those not attending the conference should register here.  We will send you a reminder and a link to the event 24 hours before it starts and 1 hour before it starts.  If you live in North America, this event is on the evening of May 18.  If you live in Asia or the Pacific, this event is on May 19.  Click here to find a schedule for your time Zone.

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Conversations Matter…No-Cost 90-minute Session

by Dr. Rich Feller

Come to network and learn to create your Clarification Statement.

Clients want to design futures, not fall into them. “Future-ready” learners is the new accountability. APCDA invites all conference participants to one of three 90 minute interactive sessions. The Who You Are Matters face-to-face board game was last played at a US conference to 30 tables of 5 coaches each as gamification and narrative assessment went to scale, and COVID stopped that!

The virtual version, called Conversations Matter, now goes even further. Using small breakout rooms to create deeper listening, Conversations Matter is called “magical” by Danielle Kershaw, Simon Fraser University. 

“The need is undeniable, the market needs this, and we need this,” says Drew McDowell, a Vermont coach.

“We’re still talking about how fun it was and how much we learned about each other. We’re working on plans to expand the program throughout our campus of 27,000 students” says VP Marianna Savoca, Stony Brook University.

APCDA invites you to clarify what you want more of, identify “what’s next” possibilities, experience giving and receiving feedback, and support others to be their best as you join the APCDA conference...that’s our PROMISE!

As career development leaders you see that career development needs are up, and resources are flat at best. Come experience how you can:

  • Help faculty integrate virtual career outcomes in classes 
  • Embed the program into curriculum 
  • Increase student engagement behaviors 
  • Create Clarification Statements, use the dashboard to organize session data, use Full Platform for self-directed storytelling, Intentional Exploration Workshop and more

Conversations Matter looks like a webinar.  It lasts 1.5 hours (90 minutes) and uses Zoom.  But there is no lecture.  Rather, it is an interactive goal-setting activity.  Many career practitioners lead workshops like this in person, helping clients set career goals.  Even though we are all career practitioners, surely, we could also take the time to reevaluate our own career satisfiers and challenges.  This interactive goal-setting experience is COVID-safe and allows you to connect with career professionals anywhere in our APCDA region. 

Note: There is homework before the meeting.  Your homework materials will be sent to you a few days before the session for which you register.  Be ready for a deep dive into your current satisfiers, your strengths, and the short-term goals you want to accomplish.  And be prepared to share them with your new friends who will be taking this journey with you.

Check your calendar, then register on the APCDA website.

Rich Feller, Ph.D is APCDA’s US Representative. Emeritus Professor of Counseling and Career Development and one of twelve University Distinguished Teaching Scholars at Colorado State University. Former National Career Development Association President, Dr. Feller has consulted on 6 continents, all 50 U.S. states, and three provinces. His clients include NASA, AARP, Semester at Sea, NSF, NFL, UN, Chief Scientist for YouScience, and co-author of the CDMInternet. He sees OneLifeTools scaling career wellbeing to broader audiences so that career specialists can do their best work. Learn more at

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Kuder Accelerates Career Guidance in Asia

by Joyce Tham

Kuder, Inc. is an international career guidance solutions provider headquartered in the United States. Since 1938, more than 165 million people have used Kuder’s award-winning career assessment, education planning and guidance resources to help visualize which industry or career, field of study or school to pursue next in life. Kuder powers career planning systems for partners in all fifty states in America and in countries around the world.

Kuder in Singapore

MySkillsFuture (MySF) is a one-stop portal which enables Singaporeans of all ages to make informed learning and career choices and pursue skills and career development throughout their lives. Developed in collaboration with SSG (SkillsFuture Singapore under the Ministry of Education) and WSG (Workforce Singapore) through our partner NCS Pte Ltd, the MySF portal is a customized career planning solution which utilizes Kuder’s career assessments (scientifically localized and validated for Singapore) and career planning lifecycle framework through published APIs, allowing for a highly customized and localized user experience.

Kuder in China

Chongqing Compass Education Co., Ltd. (“Compass”) partnered with Kuder to develop a career guidance system which is designed to aid Chinese students with decisions surrounding choices they make when it comes to the concentration (Liberal Arts or Science) they prepare for when sitting for China’s National College Entrance Examination, the Gaokao. The system leverages Kuder Atlas® and features a customized and localized user interface which integrates the Chinese language, career assessments and occupational database. The system encourages Chinese students to find the right path to university and career based on evidence-based career assessments, rather than selecting their Gaokao subjects based solely on parental or other external influences. Compass hosts seminars to provide parents with information on career planning best practices, including tips for parental involvement.

Kuder in Korea

Located in Seoul, South Korea, Carrot Global is a learning solutions provider serving corporate, education and government/military clients on a global scale. Carrot Global is a reseller of the following Kuder Career Planning System® components: Kuder Galaxy® (for young learners), Kuder Navigator® (for secondary learners), Kuder Atlas (for postsecondary learners), and Kuder Career Advisor Training® – Advanced™ (for teachers and others seeking professional development). Carrot Global is developing a customized career development solution for the Korean corporate sector which meets the government’s Life-long Design program requirements for companies with 1,000 or more employees. Carrot Global’s customized user interface is built upon Kuder Atlas, uses published APIs and supports the Korean language, localized assessments and occupational database. Carrot Global is also introducing Kuder’s solutions in Vietnam and the Philippines.

Join Kuder at the 2021 APCDA Conference Virtual Event

Kuder looks forward to meeting attendees and forging new partnerships at the 2021 APCDA Virtual Conference. Kuder cordially invites you to attend the presentation “Kuder in Action – Asia” at 9 AM (Singapore Time) on Friday, May 21. Attendees will be entered into a drawing for free access to Kuder Career Advisor Training®: Essentials™, a $99 (USD) value!  Note that this presentation is automatically available to all registered conference attendees, but those not registered for the conference can register here for free.

Joyce Tham is based in the Kuder branch office in Singapore and loves having conversations on how Kuder can help youths see what they can become when they discover their Career Interests.

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My Career Adventure - Wit Grit Fit

By Joseph Tan, Jacintha Phua, and Magdalene Loh

APCDA Competency Categories
3. Individual and Group Counseling
4. Career Development
5. Career Assessment
12. Event/Project/Program Delivery
14. Computerized Career Planning Tools
15. Technology, Information, and Resources for Service Delivery
16. Career Management Coaching
17. Employability Skills

With the 4th Industrial Revolution and rapid displacement of jobs, governments and businesses around the world are increasingly investing in getting more of their citizens and staff to take the initiative in re-designing traditional career paths and to continuously upgrade their skill-sets.

Literature Review

Much recent research has explored what it takes to achieve a meaningful, upwardly mobile career. For instance, Sheryl Sandberg (2013) popularized the “jungle gym” concept, arguing that skill-sets and the right mindset were more relevant to career advancement than the old concept of climbing a ladder.


Branton Shearer (2009), building on the seminal work of Howard Gardner (1983; Bordie 2015), links the suitability of jobs to a person’s multiple intelligence profile.


Angela Duckworth (2006) and Carol Dweck (2007) posit that grit and a growth mindset are amongst the most reliable predictors of life success.  Paul Tough (2012) adds to these by identifying other traits like conscientiousness, curiosity, optimism, self-control and zest, under the umbrella of Performance Character. Tough indicates these traits as critical success factors for a more fruitful life.


Richard Bolles (from 1970 to 2017) provides very practical tools and tips on how to find the right role fit and maximize job satisfaction. His “7 petals” framework is comprised of fields of interests, skills, preferred working conditions (including practical considerations like preferred level of responsibility, salary and work locale) and coherence with purpose in life.

Edgar Schein (1974) identified 8 Career Anchors, which reflected an individual’s needs, motives and aspirations. Donald Super (1957) introduced self-concept to the world of careers, and Mark Savickas (2016) further developed this into constructivism and narrative approaches many career development practitioners today are familiar with.  Andrew Scott and Lynda Gratton (2016) updated Super’s work on life stages with their view on what the 100 year life looks like.

The problem is that the lay person reads only a fraction of these greatly useful works, if at all.  In fact, the segments of the population who need these messages the most -- the relatively under-educated, the less vocationally mobile, and less academically inclined students -- are probably those that have the least access or inclination to read them.

The WIT GRIT FIT Framework

Pulling together all of the above research concepts and synthesizing them, we distilled the key messages to: -

WIT: Interests, Skill-sets - “What do I like best and can I do best?”

GRIT: Performance Character - “Do I have the character traits to succeed?”

FIT: Values, Personality, Work Environment - “Where can I shine best?”

Tools to facilitate the teaching of WIT GRIT FIT

In searching for a medium that competently transmits these key concepts, role playing games stand out as a promising solution because of their inherent ability to flesh out a parallel world, actively engage students (Bowman 2014; Bowman and Standiford 2015) and enable experiential learning so that each participant takes away what they need most at that point in time (Hyltoft 2008; Howes and Cruz 2013).

Avid Adventures has developed the Career Design Simulation. At first, this was designed as a physical game, but with the Covid-19 pandemic shuttering schools and events, a digital version was developed in 2020.

Here’s a taster of the Career Design Simulation:

In addition, to facilitate real world application, a Career Design Canvas has also been designed as a companion guide – it leads students and working adults in combining Scores from career development tools with Stories from their lives, to forge a unique path that they can be most fulfilled in.

The Career Adventure tools (available for free at My Career Adventure - Wit Grit Fit, as a Covid response given the harsh economic climate) allow users to identify their skills gaps with a few easy clicks.

All jobs and skills in the Career Design Simulation and Career Adventure tools are based on Singapore’s Skills Framework, which was co-created by industry leaders, education institutions and the Singapore government.

Live Demo on 22 May 2021

Avid Adventures will be sharing at the APCDA 2021 Conference.

This workshop begins with the theoretical foundations of the WIT GRIT FIT Framework, and shows how it all comes together in the Career Design Canvas. Participants then get the opportunity to experience a facilitated, taster version of the Career Design Simulation on their own mobile phones before being immersed in case studies on how the set of WIT GRIT FIT tools are helping students and working professionals in Singapore, Bangladesh and the USA. 

We invite you to join us for this informative and interactive session. Would love to hear your views on how the WIT GRIT FIT Framework, as well as its accompanying career tools can be of use to further career development in your respective countries.  Register here for this free special event. 

Joseph Tan is the CEO of Avid Adventures. He followed the footsteps of his entrepreneur parents and became a serial entrepreneur himself. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Mr. Tan steadily worked his way up in his family business to become the General Manager and, separately, also started a luxury watch business in Malaysia. These days, Mr. Tan is pursuing a different calling - to bring great career design tools to all who need them, wherever in the world they might be. Mr. Tan is working to build a community of career practitioners, policymakers and end users on

Jacintha Phua is a career nomad with an insatiable appetite for new challenges. She started off her career in investment banking client services and operations, which took her to Wall Street where she was managing 6-figure global projects. After 6 years in finance, she decided to leave her 9-to-5 job in pursuit of new landscapes. Since leaving New York, she has lived in Istanbul and is now based in China, and manages projects and products in remote teams for various startups. She now heads product development for GSC Technologies, an emerging tech startup, and manages technology, operations and product development for Avid Adventures. Ms. Phua led on the digitization of the Career Design Simulation and Career Design Canvas, which has been used in Singapore, USA and Bangladesh.

Magdalene Loh works in a Fortune 500 company as Head of Innovation by day, and designs Transformative Play career games by night. Having seen first-hand the best and worst of Industry 4.0, she combined practical industry experience with her expertise as a certified career construction practitioner to build out the Wit Grit Fit framework. This framework was then applied in the Career Design Simulation and the Career Design Canvas, making complex career theories accessible to students and working adults. Ms Loh has been conferred the SkillsFuture Fellowship, the highest skills award by the Singapore government, recognizing her for skills mastery and as a mentor to future talent.

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Committee Meetings

Committees provide the power that runs APCDA.  All of our committees would love to have new members, but three have specifically requested time during the conference Warmup Days to talk with people who might be willing to join the committee.  Are you willing to donation a small amount of your time and energy to help carry one of these three essential missions forward?

Ethics, Standards & Glossary Committee Meeting: Which ethics, standards, and career development definitions can all career practitioners in our large, multi-national region agree on?  What could be more important than identifying these valuable tools for career practitioners in our multi-cultural region. We have a wonderful team that has been developing the tools we all need, but there is more to be done and we need new committee members to reenergize our work.  Meets Sunday, May 23 at 12:30 pm.

Membership Committee Meeting: Have you been to a New Member Orientation or a Non-Member Meetup?  It is a lot of fun to meet the new members, or those interested in learning more about APCDA.  These informal meetings begin with introductions and include a tour of our website (a very short tour for non-members).  Even post-pandemic, this will continue to be a great way to meet others working in career development around the Asia Pacific Region.  Another fun activity of the Membership Committee is to interview Lifetime members and write an article about them for the weekly news blog.  Please join the Membership Committee and share in these fun activities. Meets Saturday, May 22 at 9 am.

Program Committee Meeting:  How do we choose our webinar speakers?  The Program Committee has this responsibility and invites you to join and help make these decisions.  Help make APCDA webinars more relevant to you!!!  Join the Program Committee. Meets Friday, May 21 at 2 pm.

Of course, these are Singapore times, so be sure to check the times and dates in your time zone.

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Country/Regional Meetings

We are most likely to already know those attendees from our own country or region, but do you know who is attending this conference from your own country?  Come to these meetings and find out. Get some tips on how to best use your time while at this conference from others from your country or region.  Canada meets at 9 am on Monday May 24, and both Singapore and the North American Western Region meet at 9am on Saturday, May 29.  

Of course, these are Singapore times, so be sure to check the times and dates in your time zone.

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Program Contest

APCDA holds its first planned virtual conference this year with an impressive number of attendees and presenters. We have more than 50 sessions, each full of learning tools and many good experiences to share.

The goal of the Program Contest is to help you process the information in the Conference Program Book.  Taking a quiz on what you read will help you to connect to the topics and solidify your awareness of important details. This exciting competition will help you choose the most valuable sessions for yourself and make the best use of your time at the conference.

Contest Rules here.

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Conference Attire Photo Contest

Yet another exciting contest is coming to your attention! Do not miss it and we hope to see all conference attendees joining to compete!

Year 2020 has been a lifestyle changing milestone in our lives. The way we used to work, interact, teach, attend conferences and trainings is no longer possible. But we all are keeping positive by adjusting to new realities as we cope with the new normal for all of us around the world. APCDA is holding its 2021 Conference virtually which surely is not what we all hoped for, however, we remain a multinational platform with so many professionals joining us from the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. At a face-to-face meeting we usually look our best and choose our wardrobe carefully. This has not changed, as we want to see all of you at your best. Please, share with us your planned attire for the APCDA 2021 Virtual Conference by submitting a photo of yourself wearing this outfit.

You can choose between business, fashionable, casual, your national outfit, with your family or pets – however you wish us to picture you at the conference!  There is no commitment to actually wear this attire at the conference.  Our videos will be turned off most of the time, so who will know what you are wearing?

All you need is to take a shot and share your picture with us.  Click on the Contest icon on the conference website, then on the Conference Attire Photo Contest button and upload your photo and a brief description.

Contest Rules Here.

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Tours of our host country have been part of every APCDA Conference. This year we don’t have one host country, but our members are eager to invite you to visit them when travel is possible again. Ten of our members have created some really fun virtual tours their own country.  They hope you will watch and enough their things they love about their home.  Most of these tours were created just for attendees, so we can enjoy traveling without risk.

The ten Virtual Tours can be found on the Sponsors Page.  Why there?  Because our conference website software allows Sponsors to show videos.  To see the Virtual Tours, go to the Sponsors page and click on the “booth” with that name and enjoy visiting these exciting places.

  1. Shanghai - The Most Populous City in the World: This commercial video was submitted by Ivy Liao of PAC, who plans to host the 2024 APCDA Conference in Shanghai.  See the beauty of Shanghai in preparation for your visit.
  2. Singapore Welcomes APCDA: Hector Lin, APCDA Singapore Representative, hopes to entice you to Singapore for the 2022 APCDA Conference.  This short, fun, fast-paced video presents a few of the fun places to visit while in Singapore.
  3. The Colors of Azerbaijan: APCDA Executive Director Gulnur Ismayil submitted this commercial video to entice you to visit her home country of Azerbaijan. 
  4. Vietnam Career Community & Van Lang University - An Introduction: 2020 APCDA Scholar Tuan Anh Le created this video about the career development program at Van Lang University in Ho Chi Min City.  You may recognize people you know in this video.
  5. UAE 7 Emirates:  Lindsay Doung, NYU Abu Dhabi, wanted to make sure we are aware of the 7 United Arab Emirates.  She managed to fit all 7 into this short video.
  6. Japan National Stadium:  You probably know that Tokyo had to postpone the 2020 Olympics until July and August of this year due to COVID, and now will hold the Olympics without tourists as the pandemic continues.  Only the athletes will be able to appreciate the beautiful new Olympic Stadium.  So Kazuyo Ikedo has prepared this view of the new stadium to that we can also appreciate the place where the 2021 Olympics will be held.
  7. Seattle and the Puget Sound:  Hilary Flanagan, Director of the Career Center at Seattle University, wanted to share the natural beauty of Seattle and the Puget Sound with you.  She hopes you will visit soon.
  8. Kazakhstan - 2023 APCDA Conference Host Country: We are planning to hold the 2023 APCDA Conference in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan and many of us want to know more about this vast and beautiful country.  Raushan Kanayeva, Kazakhstan APCDA Representative, created this video to entice us to her country and the university where will we be in 2023.
  9. APCDA South India "Your Moment is Waiting": This video by Rahul Nair, South India APCDA Representative, shows the beauty and cultural richness of the southern part of India.  Should we hold a conference there in the near future?
  10. Brief Tour of the South China Region: Dr. Elisabeth Montgomery, South China APCDA Representative and Xiao (Shawn) Lianyu, created this tour of the southern part of China to encourage us to visit them in Shenzhen and the many enticing communities near it.

Please enjoy these wonderful videos created for your pleasure and respond to the Poll on the Event Feed page. Help us make the very hard choice to choose the top three videos.  The results of the poll will be announced at the Closing Session.

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Favorite Music Contest

Everything goes better with music.  Conference attendees have nominated 16 musical selections.  Culture can be expressed through music, and we know our members are curious about and appreciative of the culture of others.  The selections represent a wonderful variety of cultures, both traditional and modern.

We will play these musical selections during the end of each day on May 25 and May 27.  To play them again, visit our Favorite Music Booth on the Sponsors Page and enjoy an encompassing experience by playing the summary video or play individual selections.  Then vote for your favorites on the Poll on the Event Feed page.  On May 29, we will announce the contest winners, based on your votes on the Favorite Music Polls.

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Social Media Contest

While attending the Conference, we invite you to post comments about your experiences at the conference on the 4 APCDA Social Media groups.  Please use #2021APCDA in the post, so we know instantly that your post relates to the conference. 

Post comments about what you are learning, people you are meeting, and any other parts of the conference that seem valuable to you. Screenshots from events are also good.  APCDA has groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, WeChat, and WhatsApp and we hope you will light up these groups with your comments.  Winners will be announced on the final day along with the winners of the other contests.

If you use #2021APCDA in your post on any of our 4 Social Media platforms, we will find your post and enter you in the contest. Winners will be announced at the Closing Ceremony.

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